Kayla and Aaron wedding – Half Moon Bay, CA

What a wonderful day and a beautiful couple!  My oldest daughter married the love of her life and now I have a new son.  The merging of families, Presley and Scott.

Aaron is a super guy and he asked me for Kayla’s hand in marriage a year ago on Halloween.  A very simple gentlemen’s gesture that sealed the deal with me.  Funny, as we were both dressed up in outlandish costumes, but he was very excited about their future and his love for her was very real and apparent.  Yes.   He got a heck of a gal!  I’m very proud of who my first pretty little girl is and all that she has accomplished, her talents and zest for life, and now she’s got a super husband to boot.  It’s going to be a fun show that I get a front row seat in, and I’m taking it all in.  Congrats to them both!

Many thanks to my talented assistants, Nick, Willow, and Jula for helping me out with the photos.  Some of these photos were taken by them.  And thanks to Dora and Loralie for off camera flash assistance.

Janet Hale Presley Gordon - Wonerful! I’m so happy for my son and new daughter. What a touching day, full of friends and family. Two beautiful souls in love.