Kristi and Kyle Engagement

On Saturday, 4th of July, I had my first meeting with Kristi and Kyle at a little lakeside park in Lake of the Pines, Auburn, CA. I arrived early to check out the area as I had not shot there before and several minutes later Kristi and Kyle cooly came tooling up on their golf cart. That’s a photo op, I thought to myself. Turns out they were thinking the same thing, and we got a few nice shots out of it. Always fun to shoot at a new place and be a bit creative about what you find there. Sure helps, too, when you find a nice couple who is willing to have some fun, take their shoes off, and get in the water. Yes!
Kristi and Kyle are from San Franciso but will be getting married next month at the Lake of the Pines clubhouse. I’m excited about that, I hear there’s going to be a party boat involved. Love this work!

Happy 4th!
Let’s go for a ride!